Community: St. Joseph of the Pines
Contributed by: Tricia Pratt, Spectrum Consultants, Inc. and Brannon Perry, SJP Intern, Campbell University

Welcome To My Home is a resident referral event. Industry standards suggest that resident referrals should account for approximately 35% of new lead generation. As indicated by this substantial percentage, referrals from current residents are essential to a successful sales campaign. In our relationship selling, person-centered industry, “selling” does not stop once a prospect makes the ultimate move into the community. Retention of that sale or the resident’s daily affirmation for making a good, proactive decision is as important as making the sale in the first place. The community’s commitment for keeping the promises made throughout the sales process and within the contractual agreement is the foundation for happy residents and for an active resident referral program. This commitment is the responsibility of entire management team; thus, the positive testimony of current residents is one of the most important tools the sales team has when selling to prospective new residents.

Welcome to My Home empowers current residents, encouraging them to be involved in the future of their community and the success of the organization. When residents embrace this level of involvement, they are more motivated to tell others about the wonderful lifestyle experiences enjoyed in their community.

Welcome to My Home puts the current residents front and center in a personal and friendly exchange with prospects. This creates the opportunity for nurturing relationships with potential future neighbors. It also facilitates a friendly, open environment for guests to ask questions of residents; sometimes with greater confidence of getting a more balanced perspective, as they continue to explore and gather information for putting their own plan in place.

Welcome To My Home affords a greater appreciation for the fulfilled lifestyle they could be enjoying in the near future. From beginning to end, the atmosphere is relaxed as they tour several neighborhoods and a variety of floor plans. They are the first to enjoy a new signature drink and menu of tasty bite-size delights, all beautifully presented in each of the homes. Guests enjoy the equivalent of a full lunch by the end of the afternoon, an added value and appreciation for the creativity of the community’s culinary professionals.

Attention to details is must. An event like this requires a great deal of hard work and initiative from residents and colleagues. Marketing carefully coordinates the details with directors, culinary services, arts & leisure, housekeeping, maintenance and residents, to make sure everyone has what they need to be successful.

• Invitations designed and mailed
• Floor plans and resident hosts are identified
• Tour routes are mapped out
• Guest groups are organized, 6 Groups of 6 Guests per Tour Guide
• Timing is key for pacing each Group – no more than 1 Group at a time in the resident’s home
• Extra maintenance and housekeeping provided, complimentary of marketing
• Flowers ordered and delivered to each Resident Host, complimentary of marketing
• Folders are prepared
• Grounds inspected
• Cleaning, organizing, and staging for each area and presentation

Personally vested…Beyond brick and mortar, each individually put his or her own personal touch to the day. The culinary teams have the freedom to create their own signature drink and take away gift. This spurs a little competition that everyone has fun with, creating strong support for all.

The event becomes a masterpiece of ideas, personalities and passions – all rolled into one day.

Excitement is in the air. The food is excellently prepared and fits perfectly with the theme of the day. All homes look absolutely beautiful. The pride of each resident opening their door to guests is amazing to watch. Just by walking from home to home, guests identify with each resident’s personal taste and interest. They form new friendships which supports them in their own planning and decision process.

See. . . Touch . . . Feel
the lifestyle choices. Guests expand their knowledge by asking questions and getting a genuine response from a group of seasoned residents.

Tricia Pratt

Written by Tricia Pratt

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