Have you discovered a stream in the desert at some point in your life? One of my favorite devotional books (365 daily readings) is by L.B. Cowman, entitled “Streams in the Desert.” Each morning, I open my leather bound book (complete with a coffee stain on the cover) to discover the message was exactly what I needed for that day. Sometimes I even think, wow, how does this book always know what to say to me? Coincidence?…I doubt it. Divinely sent?…You bet.

Today’s message really resonated and expanded my viewpoint, so I wanted to share. For those who like to read books online, the same book is available as an app on Google Play and iTunes.

Streams in the Desert devotional
Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you. (Genesis 13:14-15).

No desire will ever be placed in you by the Holy Spirit unless He intends to fulfill it. So let your faith rise up and soar away to claim all the land you can discover. S.A. Keen

Everything you can comprehend through faith’s vision belongs to you. Look as far as you can, for it is all yours. All you long to be as a Christian, and all you long to do for God, are within the possibilities of faith. Then draw closer to Him, and with your Bible before you, and your soul completely open to the power of the Spirit, allow your entire being to receive the baptism of His presence. As He opens your understanding, enabling you to see His fullness, believe He has it all for you. Accept for yourself the promises of His Word, all the desires He awakens within you, and all of the possibilities of what you could become as a follower of Jesus. All the land you see is given to you.

The provision of His grace, which helps us along the way to the fulfillment of His promise, is actually tied to the inner vision God has given us. He who puts the natural instinct in the heart of a bird to fly across a continent in search of a warmer climate is too good to deceive it. Just as we are confident He placed the instinct within the bird, we can be assured He has also provided balmy breezes and springlike sun to meet it when it arrives. And He who breathes heavenly hope into our hearts will not deceive or fail us when we press forward toward its realization.

They left and found things just as Jesus had told them. Luke 22:13

Kyle Robinson

Written by Kyle Robinson

Kyle is a Co-Founder of Wellzesta, a mWellness technology company specializing in senior adult health. https://wellzesta.com/

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