Being social is definitely “in.”  But, it is more than just a fad, research shows it significantly improves ones’ health.

In a report sponsored by Vi Living and Age Wave, they discuss 5 Myths, explaining the root causes and misconceptions
that are often behind them, and present the reality of today’s CCRCs’ offerings.
Their research uncovered the following five major myths:
Myth 1
“My current home will be the best possible place to live in my post-retirement years.”
Myth 2
“My current home is the best option to continue an active social life and to stay connected
with friends in the years ahead.”
Myth 3
“It’s less expensive and more financially secure for me to stay in my current home.”
Myth 4
“It would be easy to get any care I might need at home.”
Myth 5
“CCRCs are filled with old people who are sick and dying.”

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Written by Resident Delight

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