Ok, Ok…Secret confessions of a lady in love. I’ll admit it – Recently I have found myself looking at my new fitness bracelet more than my beautiful diamond and sapphire ring. And I must say that it does offer some of the same attributes and benefits. For starters, it is a reminder of something more significant than myself. My wedding ring represents love, honor, joy, and faithfulness. (For more on the history of wedding rings: check out The Knot.) It also signifies my dedication and commitment to my wonderful husband. Similarly, yet not in a spiritual / religious way, my smart bracelet represents a commitment and dedication to health, well-being, and progress. And just as my ring sparkles, my snazzy wearable also lights up and even encourages me.

With each step I am getting closer to the healthy goals I set and with each vibration on my wrist, I am aware of my own being both physically and psychologically. There is science behind this too, like the Psychology Behind Wearables. There is a whole world out there showing us better ways to be healthy, how innovative technology continues to expand, what the latest fads include, and also what scientific data is available. There are even wearable tech World Cup events, groups, conferences, and more conferences, and fashion shows, wearable runway trends, and more. Quite frankly, it is a bit overwhelming, but exciting at the same time.

And it is working. In my own experience, I have determindly (not a word), taken the stairs more often, opted to walk instead of ride, taken longer family walks, opted for a more scenic route – all in the name of successfully attaining at least 10,000 steps per day. And most days (even without cheating and putting the bracelet on my high-energy jack russell terrier), I have superseded or surpassed my goal 2 times over. Now, my question remains, “was I doing this before my new pink and black wearable wrist band?”…and the answer is, probably not.

Has this new symbolic band changed my outlook? YES. Has this little techie device improved my health? YES. Do I enjoy exercise more than I did before? YES. Do I have a better understanding of my personal health? INDEED. Did I take an oath or a vow when I put it on my arm? NO. Yet, ironically enough, this circular band makes me a better person.

And one thing I know for sure, at least for this little lady, my husband is one lucky guy…(he now has an excuse to never buy a diamond again).

Kyle Robinson

Written by Kyle Robinson

Kyle is a Co-Founder of Wellzesta, a mWellness technology company specializing in senior adult health. https://wellzesta.com/

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